Functions of the Unit

The Unit performs the following functions:

  • Advise the University College on matters relating to Quality Assurance and enhancement. Review, interpret and implement quality assurance standards, monitor unusual occurrences and report follow-up procedures periodically.
  • Oversee the University’s accreditation and affiliation process and other quality-related engagements with National Accreditation Board, affiliate Institutions and other stakeholders
  • Supervise the conduct of Education
  • Facilitate the development, dissemination and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities of the University College
  • Develop and maintain a database on quality-related information and facilitate the development and assessment of curricula
  • Ensure that quality assurance policies and standards are disseminated and available to relevant interested parties (e. g. Students, External Examiners, Professional and Statutory Bodies, and Affiliate Institutions)
  • Facilitate the development and assessment of curricula

Contact Us

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