Request for Application for Head Security Operation.


Minimum Requirement SSSCE/ WASSCE


Experience: At least Ten Years of Working Experience in the Security field.


Age: 45years and above.


Applications should be sent electronically to:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Garden City University College

P. Box KS 12775

Kenyasi - Kumasi


The roles of Head Security Operation includes but not limited to the following:

·         Conducts patrols on daily basis to inspect the guard force, brief and update the Registrar on field operational situations.

·         Ensures strategic planning and enforcement of campus/site security policy and procedures are adhered to.

·         Ensure the implementation of security structures, policies and procedures.

·         Monitors activities at critical areas of the Campus to prevent criminal activities.

·         Assists to design workable security plan for official events for protection of life and property.

·         Oversight responsibility of all physical/residential security functions.

·         Assists the Police to conduct and manage investigations into suspected criminal matters and submit findings to the appropriate stakeholders.

·         Submits monthly security operations reports to the Registrar for further action.

·         Maintains records of up-to-date strength of the security section and total logistics for the security section available on campus.

·         Prepare detail monthly duty schedule for the guard force to ensure efficiency and discipline on the field and smooth running of security operations.

·         Performs coordination activities, security advice service and Intelligence analysis on security issues.

·         Liaises with other Security Agencies such as the Police and Fire Service for services.

·          Ensures Staff and Students are adequately briefed on security situation on   Campus and site specific security measures and procedures to all GCUC.

·         Organize training workshops for staff on Personal Security and Security Guards on Physical Security periodically.

·         Analyzes the level of security risk for the area of operations.

·         Ensures that fire prevention devices and fire-fighting equipment are available on the premises.

·         Review fire evacuation plan and coordinates fire drills and training as necessary.