The Garden City University College was established as the College of Information Technology and Management Systems (CITMAS) in 2001 and was after due accreditation, granted permission to operate as a University College in January 2004.
A vast area was acquired at Kenyase, near Kumasi, to construct an ultra-modern campus.Which was constructed with facilities to meet every identified need. Among these facilities are internet connectivity with Wi-Fi accessibility, a fully equipped library, office equipment,state of the art hostel,stimulation rooms,dental lab,fully dedicated satellite system and many more.
The College commenced in October 2002 with four main courses:
Certificate in Auto Cad
Certificate in Integrated Business Computer Applications
Diploma in Computer Programming and Operations
Diploma in Network Information Systems
In January 2004, the Board of Directors voted to convert the College into a University College . This was done to broaden the scope of the college and utilize the vast resources that had been assembledSome of the initial accredited programmes were: 
BSc. Accounting with Computing
BSc. Economics and Statistics
BSc. Finance and Entrepreneurship
Since then many more programs have been accredited and are currently running.