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My name is Nazario Pricano Banque, I’m a graduate foreign student in B.Sc. Information Technology of this prestigious university. It’s a privilege to be able to share with you how I got know about Garden City University College (GCUC).

A special friend of mine told me about the institution four years ago after going through a tremendous stress to gain admission in one of the universities in Ghana. At that point of my life I have just completed a professional course and I needed to further my education in order to enhance my intellectual qualification so that I can gain an advantage while applying for a job or starting my own business. I applied in various universities in Kumasi but none of them gave me the admission because they have started the academic year and I was about two months late and they couldn’t admit any student by then. When I got to GCUC the story was totally different because they administration have a strategic plan to apply in January - February apart from the regular August-September applications which are well practiced by any other university in Ghana.

I applied in February and got admission a week later to start lectures as soon as possible. They administration informed me that I will be attending summer school and write exams in all the courses that I will be studying during that summer session so that I will have my results for the first semester I missed due to my late admission. That was awesome for me because it was an opportunity to further my education and today I can confidently say that I am a graduate. This esteem university major priority is to give quality education to develop future innovators and as an alumnus I can confirm it because I learnt a lot from the potential and qualified lectures in the university.

Finally, I urge every individual that wants to apply for a degree or diploma course to do it right in this university and experience the joy of being a future innovator to the world with a conducive studying environment and with all the necessary equipment needed to make every student dream come true.

Date of Posting: 26 February 2015
Posted By: Nazario Pricano Banque
Graduate in BSc Information Technology, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

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