International Applicants

 Entry requirements
Qualifications acceptable for admissions include the following:
Senior Secondary School Certificates (SSSCE/WASSSCE)
Baccalaureate (French)
American High School Grade
International Baccalaureate (IB)
IGCSE (Cambridge) – ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels
GCE (Cambridge) – ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels
Other external qualifications which have equivalences to the WASSCE/SSSCE and the GCE (A Levels)
General Entry Requirements for SSSCE/WASSSCE Applicants 
SSSCE/WASSSCE applicants seeking admissions to degree program must possess at least credits (A1 - C6 in WASSSCE and A – D in SSSCE) in English, Core Mathematics and Agricultural Science/Biology in addition to the specified requirements for various programmes.
NB: All foreign certificates(Apart from WASSSCE/SSSCE) will be forwarded to National Accreditaion Board (NAB) for determination of its equivelance.
General Entry Requirements for all other Applicants
IGCSE/IB - To be admitted to any Degree programme, IGCSE/IB graduates must possess at least Grades A*/A - C in English, Mathematics and Biology at the Standard (SL)/’O’ Level in addition to three Higher Level (HL – A to C)/’A’ Level (A to D)/IB 2 (A - C) grades in the specified requirements for various programmes.
All admissions will be to Level 100
Application Process(When To Apply)
The application process may start as early as a year before the start date of your programme of study.There are two(2) Admissions sessions in a year(January and August Admissions) International students could apply at any ponit in time within the year and gain admissions.You could contact the Admissions Office( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for assistance if you have any question.
Account Name: Garden City University College
Account Number : 0212104402629701
Currency US Dollar
Branch : Harper Road, Adum-Kumasi, Ghana
By post
Download application forms
Fill in the relevant details
Attach a scanned copy of your examination reslts and other relevant notarized certificates
Send to the address given below with a non-refundable International Money Order of $100.
Applicants in the West African sub-region could also pay the application fee through Ecobank. The original copy of the pay-in slip should be added to the downloaded form and other documents.  Completed documents are to be sent to:
The Registrar,
 Admissions Office,
 Garden City University College, 
P.O.Box 12775,
Kumasi, Ghana.