Office of the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU)
Dr. Francis Ansah
(Head, Internal Quality Assurance)
Contact Information:
Telephone: 0506872349
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU)
The Internal Quality Assurance Unit of the University College was officially established on 1st August, 2013 to promote effective coordination of internal quality assurance activities in order enhance quality at all levels of the University College.
The Unit reports directly to the President of the University College because of its strategic importance in producing quality graduates.
Mission of the Unit
The Unit exists to develop and monitor the implementation of frameworks and policies for enacting quality at all levels of the University College through effective staff and student engagement.
The vision of the Unit is enhanced student satisfaction and staff fulfilment for quality graduate outcomes.
Functions of the Unit
The Unit performs the following functions:
Advise Management and Heads of Department on matters relating to Quality Assurance and Enhancement
Ensure proper supervision of Examinations
Facilitate internal capacity building for faculty and academic support staff
Oversee the University’s accreditation process and other quality related engagements with National Accreditation Board including annual reporting
Facilitate the development, dissemination and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities of the University College
Facilitate the collation and integration of feedback from students and other stakeholders on quality related issues in the institution
Develop and maintain a database on quality-related information
Manage the University’s affiliation with Mentoring Institution
Facilitate the development and assessment of curricula
Promote the departmental engagement with internal and external quality assurance enhancement guidelines
Ensure that the University College’s quality assurance and enhancement processes are reviewed and updated periodically to reflect any changes in requirements by the University College and other regulatory bodies
Ensure that quality assurance policies and standards are disseminated and available to relevant interested parties (e.g. Students, External Examiners, Professional and Statutory Bodies, Affiliation Institutions)
Ensure that the outcomes of accreditation decisions and directives are reported to the departments
Review, interpret and implement quality assurance standards; monitor unusual occurrences and report follow-up procedures periodically
Achievements for the year under review
In the year under review, the Unit has accomplished the following:
Facilitated the establishment of an Internal Quality Assurance Committee with representation from all academic departments
Facilitated reaccreditation processes for five academic programmes of the University College
Drafted operational guidelines for internal quality assurance of the University College
Drafted admission policy for the University College
Drafted teaching and learning policy for the University College
Drafted teaching and learning guide for the University College
Drafted ethical guide (code of ethics) for the University College
Organised capacity-building workshops for non-senior members administrative staff
Staffing of the Unit
The Unit is currently run by Francis Ansah (PhD). He was Assistant Registrar at Bolgatanga Polytechnic and Garden City University College from 2006 to 2009 and 2009 to 2010 respectively. His educational background is as follows:
Qualification Area of study Institution Year
PhD Quality Assurance in Higher Education La Trobe University, Australia 2010 – 2014
M.Sc. Educational Policy and Management Studies University of Twente, the Netherlands 2005 - 2006
BA Management Studies University of Cape Coast 1997 - 2001
Ansah, F. (2013a). Conceptualising a quality assurance framework for Polytechnic education in Ghana. (Doctor of Philosopy), La Trobe University, Melbourne.  
Ansah, F. (2013b). A report on the conceptualisation of an internal quality assurance framework for polytechnics in Ghana. Kumasi: Garden City University College.
Ansah, F. (2010). Designing self-evaluation instruments for academic programmes: Lessons and challenges. Evaluation and Research in Education, 23(2), 77-90.
Ansah, F. (2009, 4th - 6th July). How good are our academic programmes. Paper presented at the Edulearn 2009, Barcelona, Spain.
In the ensuing year, the Internal Quality Assurance Unit will contribute significantly to making the University College a preferred destination for most prospective students in the country and beyond.